Friday, 4 January 2013

CREBA: Voice and Vanguard of the Philippine Real Estate and Building Industry

Advocacy groups adhering to the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability play a key role in promoting public awareness and understanding of the adequacies and inadequacies of government regulations and legislations.

Established under Philippine law, CREBA is a private, non-stock and non-profit umbrella organization of individuals, business entities, and professional associations involved directly or indirectly in housing and real estate development, construction and engineering, architecture and design, urban planning, and allied industries and professions. Its national members also include brokers, appraisers, financial advisors, supplies manufacturers and distributors, engineers, economists, lawyers, and social scientists.

It has more than 30 chapters spread out among all the regions of the Philippines, as well in the United States, London, and key areas in Asia.

CREBA takes pride in its being a vanguard of the homeless, and in its conviction to take a resolute stand “whenever the fate of the industry or the interest of the homeless is at stake”.


CREBA’s advocacy programs have helped addressed the problem of homelessness in the country. It liaises with the government’s key shelter institutions and related agencies for reforms and long-term financial programs to address the country’s perennial problems of homelessness particularly in urban areas.

Many of CREBA proposals are reflected in regulations and laws affecting housing and land ownership. Since its inception in 1973, it has been working relentlessly for the provision of affordable and socialized housing through land access program and sound policies on urban and community development.

It also promotes the development of infrastructure, commercial, industry and leisure and hospitality developments as well as green architectural designs, healthy environments, and tourism projects.
Membership and Forums

CREBA members are privileged to have representation on major issues affecting the real estate, property and urban development industry, as the organization makes policy and legislative recommendations reflecting the concerns of the industry

National and chapter events and forums are held regularly to discuss advocacy projects, promote industry networking and business opportunities, and tackle issues affecting the industry. Noted resource speakers and key industry personalities are invited to share information and insights with CREBA members.

These CREBA Forums are: 

Monthly Business Meetings

Scheduled on the last Thursday of each month, Monthly Business Meetings (MBMs) serve as effective forums where members and government officials concerned can discuss industry issues and CREBA’s initiatives.

Annual National Convention

CREBANS look forward to this major year-end event, calendared in the month of October for fellowship, networking opportunities, business interaction, and discussion of viable measures for the advancement of the organization’s housing advocacy.

The resolutions generated during the convention are presented to the legislative and executive departments of government for the establishment of administrative and regulatory infrastructure governing and housing development.


CREBA also publishes a regular newsletter to update members on industry trends, news, issues and other matters affecting the industry.

Going Global

CREBA’s 1st International Convention and Exhibit at the Venetian Hotel Resort in Macau indicates the organization’s serious intent to go global in pursuing its land and housing advocacy programs especially for the overseas Filipino workers and Filipino expatriates. 
The chamber’s present international affiliations include its principal membership in the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). This accords CREBA access to over a million property professionals around the world where FIABCI chapters exist.

Social conscience

‘Business with a social conscience’ is the underlying motivation behind CREBA’s vision, mission and working philosophy. Throughout its more than three decades of existence, CREBA has left no stone unturned in promoting the greater interest of the greatest number of the public that it serves.

Public faith in real estate transactions is essential to the industry's continuing progress. It is toward this end that CREBA has etched in its By-Laws the following goals:
  1. To instill, encourage and promote awareness among its members that ownership, development, construction, conservation, management and disposition of land and real property are imbued with public interest, and that in all relations with the public the members should at all times temper self-interest with concern for the general welfare.
  2. To integrate, correlate, harmonize and mage the activities of the Chamber in a manner that would best promote national growth and economic stability.
  3. To initiate and undertake studies on ways by which the homeless may be provided with homes of strength, durability, form, function and utility at reasonable cost.
  4. To initiate, encourage, and maintain effective cooperation with Government and other economic and social sectors towards formulation of programs and policies that would foster national development and provide a conductive environment for members to effectively participate in nation building.